Shaun Schraeder


From the beginning of his life, Shaun lived on a ranch in the big buck country of Texas. His father and uncles introduced him to hunting the Texas way; with a break open single shot .410 gauge shot gun in the crispy sunflower fields targeting the quick mourning dove. By the young age of eleven, Shaun fed his family for the first time by shooting a regal white tail buck, equipped with a gorgeous set of chocolate brown antlers. From that moment, the fire in his heart was fueled. 

In 2018, Shaun made the decision to bring his night time dreams to daylight and open the doors to Double S Adventures.


Alex Hunt

Business Operations Manager

Alex was born and raised in Minnesota and has been hunting for about 6 years. She's an avid whitetail hunter and is out every weekend with her bow in early season or rifle when that opens up. We made her dream axis hunt happen August of 2020 and she's been hooked on exotics since. A goal of hers is to get more women involved in the outdoors and to help people make their dream hunts happen like we did for her.
If you have any questions or would like to set up a hunt, please fill out the form at the bottom of our home page or send an email to Alex@huntwithdoubles.com !


Lyndsey Lakeson

Booking and Marketing

Lyndsey grew up in a small town in Minnesota and has been hunting with her dad from a very young age. Her dad taught her everything she knows about hunting and fishing. Her biggest goal is to create opportunities to teach others more about the outdoors and to get people on their dream hunt! She loves to capture those key moments on hunts through the lens of her trusty camera to ensure that the folks that come down to hunt have the same memories of a lifetime that she has experienced on the ranch. Don’t see your dream hunt listed? Let Lyndsey know and she will do what she can to find it for you! lyndsey@huntwithdoubles.com


Dwade Hickey


Dwade grew up on a working cattle ranch in south Texas. Began hunting since I could hold a gun in my hand. Worked as a guide and an outfitter for 28 years. I’m an avid fisherman and hunter. Hunting whitetail deer to Nilgai antelope in Deep South Texas. When guiding, I’m 100% focused on giving my clients their dream hunt experience! There’s no better feeling than seeing the smiles after they’ve harvested their animal!


Herman Adair


Herman has been in Law Enforcement for the past 23 years and has been hunting for the last 28 years, all here in the Great State of Texas. Herman has hunted Central Texas Hill Country to South Texas to the Texas/Mexico Border. When he’s not hunting, he’s on the Texas Coast soaking up the salt air on his boat, fishing with his wife and kiddos.


JJ Gutierrez


JJ is a law enforcement officer with a state agency for nearly 30 years and teaches advanced firearms skills. He was introduced to hunting and fishing at a very early age by his dad and harvested his first doe at 8 years old. He has been a professional hunting guide for over 10 years and has a love and passion for hunting, and fishing. He is a co-founder of Heroes’ Legacy Outdoors (a non profit organization) focused on connecting surviving family members of fallen first responders and military personnel with the outdoors.


Josh Hawkins


Josh grew up in Euless, TX a suburb just outside of Ft. Worth. He started hunting quail at the age of five with his father William and grandfather Bill Hawkins in Oklahoma. That is what sparked his interest in hunting and he has been obsessed ever since. He carried a single shot 4-10 gage for years before his grandfather gave him a Remington 870 20 gauge pump for Christmas. He harvested his first deer at the age of seven. He knew his true passion was for the outdoors. He is an avid duck hunter and has been doing so since he was six years old. He was introduced to Shaun Schraeder in 2017 and the two traveled filming hunts until Shaun started Double S Adventures in 2018 and asked if he wanted to guide for him. Without hesitation, he accepted.


Maddie Bailey

Ranch Operations Assistant